BGCN TV is the winner!


We are glad to inform you that BGCN TV is the winner in the competition of Bulgeria's best mobile application for 2012, organized by SmartApps magazine, published by HiCom. Special thanks to our customers, who outnumber 175 000. !

New and improved!

2012-12-28 New version (3.1) of BGCN TV is released in the Android Market. The version is for Android 2.3 and above. Still is a beta version but you can enjoy excellent picture quality and improved user interface!

BGCN TV support "I can too" campaign

I Can Too utilizes media and cultural events aiming to improve the current inadequate living conditions for disabled children. The combination of the media with the arts is the most effective vehicle to spread this message. More...

New Channels!

2012-11-15 New free channels on BGCN TV – Zona M and TV Europa!

150 000!!!

21th October – 10 month after launched, BGCN TV reached today 150,000 Users. We thank to all our loyal customers in Bulgaria and around the world. Our team will continue to improve your viewing experience with quality and additional interesting channels.”

London 2012 Olympics!


Watch Olympic games 2012 on BGCN TV, free of charge from everywhere! The program for the games you can see here.

Server prophylaxis!

2012-07-13 Server prophylaxis!

185,000 watches of Euro 2012 on BGCN.TV

2012-07-02 185,000 watches of Euro 2012 on BGCN.TV

Euro 2012


Watch EURO 2012 on BGCN TV, free of charge from everywhere!

BGCN is going UP!


On Sunday (20.05.2012) BGCN TV reached 100 000 downloads! Thanks to all of our fans ... Keep watcing us :)

Three new channels


BGCN TV offers three new channels - Planeta, Planeta Folk and RTL. As Planeta and Planeta folk will be free until the end of May and will then be added to the music package BGCN TV.

New prices


Please look here our new attractive offers

New channels added


New channels added to premium package: Euro-sport, Euro-sport 2 and KIS 13

More free channels for all


BGCN TV opens more free channels for all, from today BGTV, Bulgaria On Air and Balkanika are free channels, we have now total of 7 free channels and additionally 16 on premium package

New channels!


New channels! DSTV, DM SAT and NTV Mir.

Dear BGCN TV customers


Dear customers, Natnet is forced to activate the billing due to the high cost of the content and the operation of the service.For the users that sent SMSes on the dates 30 and 31st of January (before we activated the billing officially, Natnet had decided to refund the payment without closing the access for the paid period in order to collect the re-fund please send mail with your mobile number used for activation to

General release of BGCN TV


General release of BGCN TV. Our users on Android and Windows need to upgrade their application

To all our dear viewers.


To all our dear viewers, Natnet is in the process of preparing our service for General Release. During the process we will be adding more channels. Some of the channels will become paid and others will remain free of charge. In the last few days and in the next ones you might be experiencing service interruption. We apologies for that, and ask you to bear with us a little longer, so we will be able to offer you the best mobile service.

Natnet development team.

Two days after launching BGCN.


two days after launching BGCN for iphone we have reached the first place for free applications First place

BGCN for iPhone is available!


BGCN TV is available on iPhone app store. Enjoy!

New channels!


City TV and MAD TV activated, enjoy!

Скоро и за iPhone!


BGCN TV скоро и в iPhone app store.