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The screen of some channels is cut. Why it happens?

Those channels are in 16:9 format and we are working to fix it.

I clicked on one of the channels and activated BGCN TV. Now only some of the channels are available to watch but others are still locked. Why is this happening?

If you clicked on one of the channels for activation, you are actually activating only the channels with reduced tariff. For instance if you activated by pressing “The Voice” you are now registered to “Music package” the rest of the packages (Movies and Sports and News) are still locked. To unlock all the channels you must click on the first icon in the channel list. “BGCN Premium package” and activate from there.

I clicked two times for activation by mistake did I lose my money?

No. You will be granted access to the selected package for two months

Is it possible to use the same code for 2 devices?

No. At the moment it’s impossible, we are working to allow this option

Every time I select to watch a free channel I have to watch the advertisements first. How can I stop it?

If you register to one (or more) of our paid channel packages, you will not receive pre-roll advertisements on any of the free channels when watching.

Why the application doesn't play the channels?

You need to start the NEW ENGINE. It can be done from MENU button (in the program),
then choose PREFFERENCE and check NEW ENGINE.

Why I do not see the program in Android Market?

Android market is not presenting our app for users of Android Version 2.3.4 and above.. You
can download the program from

Why the program needs an access to MY SMS system?

The SMS permission is needed for future paid channels and services such as PPV (pay per view) etc. Currently our service is free. Once we apply paid channels, the channels will be marked with a lock and a warning will appear before any SMS or any other form of payment is processed. The user will always be able to refuse any type of billing BEFORE it is processed Our application is developed according to all the rules of Android Applications and is completely secure. Google takes severe legal action against companies involved with fraud.

Why did you remove Nova TV and BTV?

BGCN TV is complies to Bulgarian and international law. As our application is used by Bulgarians from all over the world, we are facing some issues with international copy rights for some of the channels. We are working with the channels to resolve these issues. We hope to be able to re-instate these channels soon.