Prices and terms

All packages are avaialable for purchase from within the BGCN.TV Application. To purchase a package install the application and click on one of the channels with the PADLOCK, then a payment menu will be opened. If you click on bTV or NOVA you will receive the options for purchasing a full package. If you click on another channels you will recieve the option for purchasing parcial package.

All Channels -
You can purchase 1 year subscription for 25Euro only! Click here to purchase now.

1 Month Subscription cost for all premium channels is 6.00 BGN or $4.99 (including VAT) per month and depends on the purchase method.
The subscription gives access to premium channels content in high quality and ads-free watching of the free channels.

If you select “SMS Activation” or “SMS Code purchase” you will be directed to a Web-page with instructions. After pressing ‘OK’ you will be given a code and a telephone number to which you need to send the code.
After sending the SMS return to the web-page (by pressing the ‘back’ button) and wait for confirmation. After confirmation press: ‘Get back to Merchant site’. if your activated device has SIM card, the activation will be done automatically, If not you will receive a code for opening all the channels.

Partial Packages -
We offer low-cost packages for limited amout of channels:

Sports - Includes only sports channels
Music - Includes only Music channels

Subscription cost for partial package is 2.40 BGN or $1.99 (Including VAT) per month and depends on the purchase method. Subscription gives access to all included channels in high quality.

Terms and conditions